Terms and conditions „Web Shop“


§ 1 – Supplier, Inclusion of terms and conditions

  1. Supplier of the products from the Web Shop is N. Stummeyer, Marienweg 1, 32469 Petershagen, Germany, Fon +49-(0)5707-9199059, E-Mail mail [at] mixrocks.com (hereafter referred to as supplier)
  2. These terms and conditions are apply to any business between the supplier and the buyer. Any other terms and conditions of the buyer will not excepted.


§ 2 – Offer and contract

  1. The supplier offers the as audio-format .wav or text-format .pdf compressed as an .zip download file.
  2. Products, contract and shopping guide are in english language. General information are also in german language.
  3. The supplier offers the digital products world wide by download through an Amazon S3 Server. To choose a product the customer has to click on the „Add to cart“ button. After the product choice is done the customer has to click on the „check out“ button on the cart site to get to the pay function through PayPal. The customer has to accept the terms and right of withdrawal for the contract to buy the audio files and license. Till the shopping process the customer has always the option to cancel or change his order.
  4. With the final order and click on the „Pay with Paypal“ button, the customer accept the offer from the supplier for the products of the web store. The supplier sends the order confirmation by email to the customer.
  5. Alle informations of the customer order will be saved by the supplier.
  6. By problems of products delivery the supplier will send informations by email to the customer.


 § 3 – Price and payment

  1. All shown product prices are final prices. According to the german law §19 UStG we do not charge the german sales tax and consequently do not account it (small business). For the receive delivery the customer has to have a owen email adress and owen internet connection.
  2. The product delivery will start only after final and successful payment.
  3. PayPal is used for the payment transaction which will leads the customer for the payment process to en external website from PayPal.
  4. Through PayPa the customer has also the option to pay with credit card.


§ 4 – Download, Terms of delivery

  1. The customer will receive the product through download link which is send by the supplier with email after the final payment process. Also the customer will be lead after payment to a website of the supplier, where he can find the download links too.
  2. The customer can download every paid product max. 3 times and within 14 days.


§ 5 – License

  1. The customer archives the license of use, editing, duplication and publication of the download products. The customer is not allowed to resell the products, to give them to any other person or to publish the products on any kind of sampler libraries.


§ 6 – Expiration of the right of withdrawal

  1. The customer accept the automatically delivery by the supplier of the download links right after the successful payment.
  2. The customer accept by the check box in the order process that he has the information of the expiration of the right of withdrawal
  3. The customer will get the information of the expiration of the right of withdrawal via email in his order confirmation.


§ 7 – Guarantee

  1. The guarantee for the customer is regulated by the law.


§ 8 – Final provisions

  1. The supplier use the data of the customer only for the business contract and fulfillment. All informations about privacy can be found on the site „Privacy“ of the web store.
  2. By using the PayPal or any kind of service for payment, the customer has to accept the privacy of PayPal or any other kind of payment service that he use for the payment at the web store.
  3. All legal relationships between the supplier and the customer shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and any other international conventions, even after being incorporated in German law, shall not be applicable.
  4.  If a regulation from within these conditions should be or become ineffective, the validity of all remaining regulations or agreements remain unaffected. The contractual parties are obliged to replace the ineffective regulation with a regulation that is economically similar to the ineffective regulation as possible. The complete contract remains valid even when individual cases of ineffective regulations arise.



Right of withdrawal


Expiration of the right of withdrawal

Your right of withdrawal expire when the supplier starts with the delivery of the digital product, the sending of the download links per email, ordered by the customer. The delivery starts automatically after the successful payment and must be accepted by the customer in the order process.