Your vision

What vision do you have for your sound? Do you have a reference track? Do you like a certain sound from another band?

What is needed?

Your audio tracks, best "dry" (no eq, no compression) as ZIP download or ProTools session.

My work

Mix your song! And if additionally desired: drum replacement, vocal tuning, timing correction, re-amping.


Editing audio tracks using EQ, compression, saturation, effects, adjusting volume ratios and spatial arrangement, including automation.

Stereo-Mixing, export as Stereo-Mix-Track, on request also creation of stero-stems is possible.


Stereo Mastering

Adjustment of volume, compression, frequency response between several tracks (EP/Album) incl. creation of the DDP file for a CD pressing.

Stem Mastering on request.


Vocal Tuning, Timing-, Pitch- & Phase-Editing
Adjustment of individual audio tracks or groups as well as cleaning of interfering noises


- Drum Replacement
- Guitar & Bass Sounds (Re-amping)
- Midi Drum sound replacement
- Midi-Sound-Replacement of String & Wind Instruments, Orgal, Piano
- Convert Audio Drum Tracks to Midi


Producers and songwriters like to have the final changes in their own hands. For this the Pre-Mixing-Package offer was created.

This includes:
- Basic editing (cleanup, phase adjustment)
- EQ & Compression
- Transient processing
- Satuartion
- Effects (Parallel Compression, Reverbs and Rooms) are bounced as audio tracks
- Roughmix without automation
- Transmission of the data as audio tracks or as Pro Tools session incl. routing if desired.
- Optional: Midi drums for audio tracks and sound replacement
- Optional: Reamping of DI Guitars/Bass
- Optional: Vocal-Pitiching
- Optional: Midi sound replacement of string & wind instruments, Orgal, Piano