Version 2

You will receive an offer price for each order enquiry in advance. I will prepare this individual offer after reviewing the audio data and taking your wishes into account. This way you get the best price, pay only for the service you really need and can calculate your budget before placing an order.

To make you an individual offer for your project, please send me an inquiry via the contact form.

The prices are calculated "per song" as well as "per additional processing time" (as for editing or sound replacement).

In the following you will find price examples and possible options which you can book extra or individually.

Mixing (price examples)

Track count*PriceOptions bookable?
up to 12from $ 119.-yes
up to 24from $ 179.-yes
up to 36from $ 219.-yes
up to 48from $ 249.-yes
more than 48On requestyes

Price example refers to a song with up to 4 minutes play time and includes

  • 2 revisions according to the customer's wishes
  • Mix version (.wav)
  • Mastering version (.wav)
  • 44.1 KHz or 48 KHz as required
  • 16bit or 24bit as required

*number of tracks / audio tracks = mono/stereo recording of an instrument / voice / sound with a specific sound

Example: Bassdrum,Snare,Overhead L/R (Stereo), Hihat = 4 Tracks


  • more than 48 audio tracks
  • more than 4 min. play time
  • single files export
  • STEM/group-export


  • Timing & Phase-Correction
  • Vocal-Pitch-Correction
  • Drum-Replacement
  • Re-Amping


  • Studio-EP (up to 5 songs)
  • Studio-ALBUM (from 6 songs)
  • Live-Concert-Mixing
  • Mastering 


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