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Joker Drum Tracks – FAQ

I am a musician, studied music production at the Deutsche Pop Berlin, Germany from 2007 to 2010 and started producing other bands and singer-songwriter in 2011. Mainly I became a songwriter and involved my skills in recording and mixing. For Joker Drum Tracks I worked with other songwriters and drummers together to create the first tracks that you can purchase at the joker drum track web store.
We recorded all files at 24 bit with 48 KHz to reach a overall good quality in sound. We used professional outboard and quality converters to record the drum sound in a optimized acoustical location.
At the tracking stage we only use some hardware EQs and a touch of compression, maybe as you would do when you record drums in a studio. For some tracks we used professional software to reduce some of the mic bleed so you don’t have to care much about gating or editing. But we don’t make hyped or over-processed sounds - you can drive the „dry“ or „clean“ drum sound in the way you like it.
All drum kits were recorded with a multi setup of microphones. As example there are two microphones on the bass drum (one inside to get the „kick“ and another one outside to get the „low-end). The snare drum has also two mice, every single tom was mice up and so on.
A Joker Drum Track SONG is the whole package of different song-parts for a specific genre and sound with his played tempo. Every song has 5 different PARTS:
  • Intro
  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • C-Part
  • Outro
For every song-part we created different VERSIONS so you can choose the version that fits best for your song or feeling to create a song. You can loop every version or change theme agains each other. Most version of all song a so arranged that you can put them as you like. Some parts can’t placed together because of the cymbals sustain. For that reason you get in some songs single hits of the cymbals.
Yes and no. Every song has his own tempo and of course his own mic-placement, mostly a different drum set and overall a different drummer. So every song stays for his own character. But if you can work with different sounds in one of your song - for example for a specific part like the c-part or a chorus - why not, try it - there are no rules.
Because of the different versions it is faster to pre-listen to a mix file to get an idea if the version work for you or how it sounds, so you don’t have to load all files into your daw to check them out. You also could use that processed stereo track for your final if you like.
In some songs not every version can work together because of the cymbal sustain. For that reason you get cymbals single hits. You can put them and at the end of a version to make a natural sounding feeling between those parts.
Yes of course. That was a big part of the idea behind Joker Drum Tracks. All first and last beats are placed on the beat so you can loop them very easy and still have a natural feeling.
If you work with a daw like cubase, pro tools, logic or any other that comes with a time-stretch option or plugin you can stretched the files. But be aware that cymbals most will not sound natural anymore if you stretch them hard. It is easier to make a song faster than slower but it also depends on the quality of algorithm of the time-stretch tool.
No. You „only“ get the wav-files of every recorded drum instrument as well the stereo mix file of all version.
At this time the web store use PayPal as the payment gateway. If you have an PayPal Account you can also choose the credit card as them payment option.
Till now the store offers only digital delivery via download from an amazon server. If you would like to get your files on a physical medium like an USB stick or DVD/Blueray please get in touch by mail. Together we will find a way to deliver you the files on the medium you like.
We decided to give you a complete pre-view of the files that you buy. But as you may know you the digitale possibilities make it easy to make a illegal copy of digital content.
The shopping process withe payment and deliver is completely automatic and is handled by the paypal payment process. After a successful payment you will receive an Email with the download-links to your products. Because of a possible delay by the PayPal notifaction-server you will lead to a download site with the download links after the payment as well.
There is nothing perfect in a world. If a payment went wrong, a download did not work as aspected, the unzip of the download has a problem or if you find a problem in a song please get in touch by mail over the contact form. We will give our best to get back to you within 24 hours to help you out.
Joker Drum Tracks was not created to replace or to be "better" than the already exiting virtual drum plugins. JDT is a different way to work with drums at the songwriting stage or to create a drum beat for your song layout. Four sure, you are limited in the way of working with JDT songs against a virtual drum plugin but that could also be a good thing to get the work on and don't have thousands of possibilities. And if you like to work with a clean and dry drum sound from the ground up to where you want your tune to be JDT is a great starting point. You get no hyped or compressed sounds as well a real human feeling that is not limited by midi velocity.
If you did not find the right answer for you question please get in touch through the contact form