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Download - Preparing the files PDF

Please note before uploading your files, the following requirements for the audio files and information!

What is needed for your quote request?

For a custom mixing quote, please fill out the form and send me your data in a ZIP file or give me a Dropbox folder share.

You will usually receive a response from me to your request within 48 hours.

Audio files

Please send your audio files as one ZIP file (or in a Dropbox folder) with the following characteristics:

  • wav. or aiff format (24bit & min. 44.1 KHz or higher)
  • mono tracks exported as mono audio files and stereo as stereo files
  • clear labeling (e.g. kick, bassdrum, snare_top, hi-hat, bass, git, solo, vox, bgv, etc)
  • all tracks with the same starting point
  • levels of tracks should be between -20dBfs and max. peak of -6dBfs
  • audio tracks without EQ, compression, FX
  • if not booked/requested as service, please have all recording tracks cleanly cut and cleaned of noise if possible

Your vision

Ideas, wishes and references, where you want to go with your sound. This helps for basic mix decisions.
For sure, your song can be mixed without reference informations!

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