Informationen for mix down 

Here you can download all those information as an pdf file: MixRocks-Data-Info

Please send all your tracks with a Download-Link (e.g. Dropbox or any file sharing service you like) to mail[at]


Audio files properties

  • wav. or aiff format (24bit & min. 44,1 KHz or higher)
  • export mono tracks as mono files and stereo tracks as stereo files
  • clearly named (e.g. kick, bassdrum, snare_top, hi-hat, bass, git, solo, vox, bgv, etc.)
  • all files should have the same starting point
  • level of tracks should be between -20dBfs and max. peak of -6dBfs
  • all tracks without EQ, compression, FX (just the clean and final recording files)


  • please name all single drum tracks clearly
  • snare_top, bassdrum_in, oh-left, tom, floortom, room, etc

Guitar & Bass

  • if DI-tracks are recorded together with the amp sound, please attach them as wel



  • if vocals tracks are tuned already please attach the untuned files as well
  • if you have more vocal version (e.g. of the main vocal) please attach them as well if no already main vocal edit track is produced.


  • if Midi drum tracks were used, please export all single tracks (kick, snare, single toms, rooms etc.) without verbs/fx as single wave files as well as one stereo reference track.
  • please send the midi drum files as one midi file with the information which virtuell drum program were used.


You can send all data within a Pro Tools-Session

(Please no other DAW-Session files at the moment)


  • Song-Tempo (bpm)
  • Song parts as PDF/Word-Doc. (Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus 1, Chorus 1, Bridge, etc.) - so we can talk better about some section of the mix


Wishes, ideas, reference sounds

If you have an artist, a song or an album where you like the tune, just named it  (or attach it) and it can be used as a reference when your song gets mixed.

Wishes and ideas for your sound/parts as short notes.

For sure, your song can also be mixed without any notes and references.


Question & contact

If you have any further questions please use the contact form