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Online Mixing Service for Rock/Pop Music & Singer-Songwriter Styles

Welcome to MixRocks

MixRocks is an online mixing service specialized on rock/pop music and singer-songwriter styles. Beside the complete mixing work you can order single options like editing or sound replacement. For the finale step you can also book the stereo mastering.

So if you are into rock/pop music or singer-songwriter style you will get my whole experience and creativity in mixing your art - your songs and tunes. Now if you want to know what I can do for you and your tracks just get in touch with me. I am pleased to make you an offer that is focused on your project.

(Mixing- & Recording-Engineer)


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Mixing the audio files with EQ, compression, saturaion, effects, levels, controlling the room feeling incl. automation.

Stereo mixing, exporting as stereo mix track, on demand export as well as groups / stems.



Controlling loudnes, compression and eq between differenet tracks for EP/album incl. creating DDP-File for cd production.

Stem-Mastering on demand


Vocal Tuning, Timing-, Pitch- & Phase-Editing
Working on single audio tracks as well on grouped tracks. Also offering cleaning from noise

Sound replacement

• Drum replacemnt
• Guitar & Bass Sounds (re-amping)
• Midi sound replacement for drums
• Midi sound replacement for strings & winds instruments, organ, piano
• Converting for audio drum tracks to midi


Producer and songwriter likes to have the final decisions under their own control. For that reason the offer or the pre mixing package was created.

This includes:
• Basic editing (cleaning up tracks, phase correction)
• EQ & compression
• Transienten shaping
• Satuartion
• Effects (parallele compression, reverbs, delays, and rooms) will be bounced as audio tracks
• Roughmix without automation
• Sending the files as audio tracks on demand as Pro Tools Session incl. routing.
• Optional: Midi drums to audio tracks and sound replacement
• Optional: Reamping of DI-Guitars/Bass
• Optional: Vocal pitiching
• Optional: Midi sound replacement of strings & wind instruments, organ, piano


What is needed?

Your audio files, perfectly dry (no eq, no compression) as a zip download or as pro tools session.

Your vision

What is your vision of your music? Do you have reference track? Do you like the sound of another band?

My work

Mixing your art! And if wanted or necessary: Drum replacement, vocal tuning, timing correction, re-amping

Find out more about the informations and file sharing for your mix - click here



Here you can take a listen on some of my last mixing projects and some of my earlier works.

Rock/Pop Mix Tracks

Singer-Songwriter Tracks


Chris Maragoth, Peoria Smith, Shorelines to sutton (USA), Ain't the ones, Auch!, Beast Riders (UA), Neros Echo, Society Within, Extrig, Damon Barnett (USA), Fernglas, In2Pieces, Westpol., Mira, 2accord, Alienshake, Bis einer heult, Lautstark, From Scratch, Six PM, The Mitch Buchannons, The Flicks, Stellar Stereo, Better Together, Village Beat, Kanit, Ponyfish, Timon, Sommerhelden, Jan-Frederik Warda, Planisphere, Dender, Hey!ToDD, Charlie Rocks


To make you a personalized offer for your production, please send me a message via the contact form

I charge "per mix" and "per additional changes or editing" (like tuning, re-amping, or drum replacement)

Here you can find some price examples with additional options and services:

Mixing (price examples)

up to

12 Tracks*

from 119$/Song
  • up to 4 min
  • incl. 2 revisions
  • incl. master version

up to

24 Tracks*

from 179$/Song
  • up to 4 min
  • incl. 2 revisions
  • incl. master version

up to

36 Tracks*

from 219$/Song
  • up to 4 min
  • incl. 2 revisions
  • incl. master version

up to

48 Tracks*

from 249$/Song
  • up to 4 min
  • incl. 2 revisions
  • incl. master version

*Tracks / audio files = Mono/Stereo-Files of one instrument/vocal/sound with one specific sound

Example: bassdrum, snare, overhead L/R (stereo), hihat = 4 tracks


  • more than 48 audio tracks
  • more than 4 min. play time
  • single files export
  • STEM/group-export



  • Timing & Phase-Correction
  • Vocal-Pitch-Correction
  • Drum-Replacement
  • Re-Amping


  • Studio-EP (up to 5 songs)
  • Studio-ALBUM (from 6 songs)
  • Live-Concert-Mixing
  • Mastering 
Version 2

Mix Rack

If you are interested in audio gear (as I am), you can find here my tools at my mixing place. I love outboard for that "sound" but also never want to miss the possibilities of the digital age. So I mostly work with a hybrid system with a combination of outboard equipment and digital tools that works for the specific song and sounds.


Warm Audio WA76 Compressor
Elysia xpressor 500 Compressor
IGS Stereo Bus 500 Compressor
IGS LA One 500 Tube Compressor
Lindell X7-500 Compressor (2x)
ART Pro VLA II Tube Compressor

Mix System

Apple Mac Pro 2013 6-Core
DAW: Avid Pro Tools
Universal Audio Apollo QUAD
Apple iPad mit ProTools Control
Euphonix MC Mix Controller


Neumann KH120a Activ-Monitor
Yamaha HS80m Activ-Monitor
AKG K 271 Pro Studio Headphones

PlugIns by…

UAD, Waves, McDSP, Massey, Slate Digital, Soundtoys, iZotope, Celemony, Native Instruments, DrumATom, Soundradiax, Brainworx